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What data can you view?

You’ll have real-time access to latency and packet loss measurements to 75 destinations, some local and some global. Latency is the best performance metric for any network as it determines TCP speeds. Packet loss is an indicator of the quality of the connection and will also impact the quality of service and speeds. By combining these measurements you can know in real-time and see historically when we have experienced any issues whatsoever.


What is the Transparency Monitor?

We’ve customized the Transparency Monitor so that you can have direct insight into the performance of our network.You can view live data as well as historic data for performance metrics locally and all across the world. In addition, our support agents utilize this tool to perform custom diagnostics with clients. This tool is designed to provide as much transparency as possible to you, the most important person! You should know if there is an issue on our network, or perhaps an issue on another network, like Google or Facebook. And by analyzing this data you can see whether an issue originates on our network or perhaps originates on yours? Is there maybe a Wi-Fi problem on your side? This is actually THE most common cause of slow speeds. This data is invaluable in diagnosing issues and for us to be as transparent as possible with you.


Why do we offer this?

It’s about transparency. Plain and simple. There is a long-standing view that ISPs
are sharks and lie to their customers. We’re not going to shy away from the fact that this perception exists.
We want to break-away from this perception not with words, but with our actions!
We believe that this kind of insight goes a long way in proving our commitment to our clients because we are always held accountable. We cannot shy away from any issues on our side.


Do I see your entire network and all of the internet?

No, this is not our entire network nor a full list of the internet. To do that would not be feasible and utterly confusing for people trying to use the tool. It is a group of destinations locally and internationally that provide insight into how our network is performing across all regions of the world.


Can I customize my interface?

You can change your views, generate historical logs and view multiple charts.
However you cannot add, edit, or delete anything. If you would like a custom destination or have an idea
for an aspect of monitoring that we can add or improve, let us know via the feedback tools provided.


Who can view the data?

Only EvoNet clients can have access to this data and it may only be used for personal informational use. If you want to be part of an ISP that is open and transparent then make the switch to EvoNet today. You can switch over for free!